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“SNOW SHARKS” Screenplay Synopsis                              Total Pages: 110


Written by: Joe Martin (Nationally Syndicated Newspaper Cartoonist) 262-248-9460

                Dieter Sturm (Academy Award winning special effects coordinator) 262-245-6594

Genre: Comedy Adventure                                                   Registered: WGAe



     A mysterious strain of legendary prehistoric sharks (the Tundala’ Gin), whose ancient

civilization once thrived in snow instead of water, are released from the bowels of their

ice prison by a tremendous polar quake.


     During the Blizzard of the Millennium, the Snow Sharks travel beneath the snow

to northern Minnesota where they wreak havoc on a small farming community.


     The first to notice the phenomenon are Mike, chief mechanic of a local marina,

and his boss, 28-year-old Amy, the owner. They have been friends since kindergarten, and it’s

clear they have strong feelings for each other, but neither will admit it.


     We follow their relationship as they work on developing a state-of-the-art

snow boat type vehicle to investigate and control the Snow Sharks. They severely

underestimate what they’re up against and their clumsy efforts meet with embarrassing failure.


     But the scope of the problems is now clear and it draws worldwide attention. Mike and

Amy seek aid from Misticho Engineering, truly high tech professionals from Chicago.

(Before Amy bought the marina, she and her family ran a NASCAR Speed Shop in Chicago. 

Misticho, the world authority in extreme auto engineering, was Mike’s mentor.)


     Amy’s close encounter with the Snow Sharks on a deserted back road

reveals not only their intelligence, but their unique, sometimes even sympathetic

personalities and the presence of a dangerous inner power struggle.


     Hunda, a mystic Eskimo guru who has followed the Snow Sharks from their polar

home, explains to Mike the origin of the Snow Sharks and how desperate it is they return home. 

But they can’t. Shifting winds have created a ten-mile gap of snowless ground, blocking

their return. They are trapped in Chambers, Minn., where the only pocket of snow remains.


     A national emergency is declared. The Oval Office calls out the National Guard and

Allen Townsend, the leader of GreenFreedom, spearheads the ecological solution to the

problem.  He wants to turn the town’s abandoned reservoir and water filtration plant

into a state-of-the-art cryogenic zoo for the lifetime preservation of the Snow Sharks. This would

make Minnesota the nation’s first federally-designated Snow Shark sanctuary.


     Amy becomes infatuated with Allen, his mission and commitment. Mike clearly

becomes jealous.


    Meanwhile, the town becomes a media and tourist circus. The citizens get greedy

and decide to capitalize on the Snow Sharks, calling a town meeting to formally adopt

Allen Townsend’s plan.  Hunda and Mike know the Snow Sharks will die in captivity and

decide to take matters into their own hands.


     Leon and Holmes, Mike’s two most trusted grunts, take it a step further and are

seen at the local hardware store asking about large quantities of dynamite

and maps of the filtration plant.


     Mike assembles an army of farmers to battle GreenFreedom in their attempt

to build the snow corridor, the path for the shark’s return.


     The hidden, skinhead, violent tendencies of Harley, Allen’s trusted aide,

surface during a tryst with Amy’s sister-in-law, Flo, as he brags of his diabolical

plan to undermine all of the GreenFreedoms work.


     Hunda reveals the truth of the Snow Sharks’ plight to Amy. She sees

Allen for what he is when he doesn’t stand up to Harley and realizes her true feelings for Mike.


     Allen sees the destruction caused by his aide, Harley, and his own

stupidity. He tries to right his wrong by joining forces with Mike and

Amy to make the snow corridor work.


     The climax is an action-packed battle of fire, explosions, and high-speed

snow vehicle chases. Misticho pulls out all the stops as his exotic machines

and a convoy of modified-to-the-extreme snowmaking farm trucks and tractors

win the day.

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