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In our 30 th year of live-action
special effects coordination and design

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               House Boat Explosion / New Mexico


Special Effects Coordinator-
Dieter Sturm

Live Action Special Effects Services We Offer
For Motion Pictures, TV, TV commercials and Still projects

                                                                                    machine2.gif (8939 bytes)Mechanical/Special Rigs, Gadgets, and Contraptions

Where you do find a device that will: spit out envelopes,
shoot flames, shatter glass or mirrors on cue, or bounce, turn, spin, rotate, flip and slide?

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Our 45ft Special Effects/Shop Trailer

That's where SSEI fits into the picture. Our crew will custom design, construct, test,
and execute mechanical effects to fit your needs.
Combining creativity with mechanics, electronics, air logic, radio control,
hydraulics, and special custom designed riggings,
                                                            we can create magic before the lens of the camera. 


   storm.gif (9813 bytes)Environments

Mother Nature's environments are recreated by SSEI crew to provide you with the most realistic
"controlled" weather conditions possible.Over the years, SSEI has become synonymous
with the creation of the very best in winter scenes.
With custom equipment (Snowmaker truck, Whisper snow guns, etc.),
and propriatory materials (Bio-Snow 2, WaterSculpt snow batting),
winter can be produced year round no matter what the weather or climate.

From light sprinkles to heavy thunderstorms, slight breezes to hurricane-type winds,
our SSEI crew and custom equipment can simulate weather of all seasons.
Don't forget the many types of fog we can produce.
From hints of haze to rolling London fog, we can create the look you require.


                                                                                                                                              pyro.gif (2574 bytes)  Pyrotechnics

Our professional pyrotechnicians can safely burn down a house, explode an automobile,
simulate sparking downed power lines, or create bullet hits on props and walls.
We can coordinate and execute any effect that has to do with fire, sparks, explosions, or smoke.
We are ATF licensed for low and high explosives work.
Our goals are to create realistic visuals for the camera while maintaining the
highest standard of safety on the set.

from STURM
As of May 2014

Snow – Ice


Sturm's Snowmaker Truck


Large Snowflake Generators


Small Snowflake Generators


Sno-Foamer Small Portable


Sno-Foamer Large Trailer System


Portable 500 Gallon Water Tank with High Pressure Pump


Air/Water Snow Guns


Snowball Machine


Portable 100 CFM Air Compressor




Fans - Wind

  Large 35 PH Wind Machine on Trailer


10 HP Honda Gas Fan


Squirrel Cage Blower


Small E-Fans


Fog – Smoke Effects


  Martin MAGNUM PRO 2000

Electric, 1500 watt wired remote, timing system, for indoor or outdoor use


London Fogger

Gas powered portable, high outputs, for outdoor use


  IGEBA Jet Fogger

Gas Ram Jet portable, high outputs, for outdoor use


  EXTREME Smoke / Fog System

Jet Turbine portable, extreme high outputs, for outdoor use


  KoolFog Mist System

110V / AC High Pressure, Cold Water System



___ Electric High End Systems F-100 Fog Machine


___ Hazer Machine



Rain -Water

Rain Towers

2-1/2” Hose, 1-1/2” Hose, ¾” Hose




Poly Tanks –Various Sizes



Fire Effects

Fire Bars

Fan Tails


Burning Barrel



Flame Towers





Electric Shakers

Quick Release Trips (Small & Large)


Other Cool Special Effects

Bubble Machine

Backpak Flame Thrower Prop

Soap Suds Generator





Snow Products

Sno-Foam Concentrate

SnowFlake Solution



Fog - Haze

Fog Fluids


Dirt - Dust

Fullers Earth



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